Baltic Energy Security

The conference organized by the Jamestown Foundation was aimed at answering the challenges for the security of Europe posed by the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.


During the discussion representatives of Polish and American administration, experts and entrepreneurs discussed proposals for diversification of natural gas supply sources in the light of increased export opportunities of the American LNG and the Polish Baltic Pipe project, which will open the region to Norwegian gas supplies. Participants emphasized both initiatives as a way to break the Gazprom monopoly and a way to real diversification of sources of supply which will enable real liberalization of the energy market.

The conference was attended by:
Piotr Naimski (Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland and Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure), Colin Cleary (Director for Energy Diplomacy for Europe, the Western Hemisphere and Africa, Bureau of Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State), Andrea Waldman Lockwood (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa, Middle East, Europe and Eurasia, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy), Glen E. Howard (President, The Jamestown Foundation), Vladimir Socor (Senior Fellow, The Jamestown Foundation), Edward Lucas (Senior Vice President, Center for European Policy Analysis – CEPA), Margarita Assenova (Director of Programs for the Balkans, Caucasus & Central Asia, The Jamestown Foundation), Matthew Bryza (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia), Tomasz Stępień (CEO, GAZ-SYSTEM, S.A. Poland), Igor Wasilewski (CEO, PERN, S.A. Poland).