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Video recording: How can civil society change the world?

Civil society is a form of activity, as well as a form of defining and achieving goals without an impulse from the state authorities. This is the conscious and autonomous participation of citizens in public life. Therefore, civil society is a set of ideas and forms of social self-organization in order to implement them.

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Biden will participate in the QUAD Summit in Japan

The summit of the states associated in the QUAD alliance is to be held on May 24, 2022. QUAD is a partnership between Australia, the United States, Japan and India with the unofficial goal of repelling Chinese expansion in the Indo-Pacific. The planned meeting of the leaders of the allied countries is an important item in the foreign policy of the Joe Biden administration in the context of growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific.

The United States cautions Solomon Islands against cooperation with China

Tensions are mounting in the Pacific after China began working with Australia’s immediate neighborhood, the Solomon Islands. The agreement concluded by the Beijing administration with representatives of the island state provides for the possibility of Beijing sending forces to “help maintain social order”. The US does not rule out military action if the Chinese decide to develop their permanent base on the territory of the Solomon Islands.